about me:

I’m Amanda..a thirty-something wife to a handsome golf enthusiast and mommy to an award-winning 7 year-old golfer, a fearless 3-year-old golfer-in-the-making, and a 15-year-old Jack Russell Terrier that think she’s human. In addition to my home titles, I have recently added RN.

After my short-lived career in marketing I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom, then I thought I might get bored when my kids were in school (psh…really?? I must have had a few cocktails when that thought popped into my head). My first dream career was originally the medical field and after some research I found a program created just for me – Tech Tech University Health Sciences Center’s 2nd Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing – a degree that would take just one year to complete. One day I will write a post about that “just one year”…experience.

Now I am a Cardiac ICU nurse trying to juggle work and home life…figuring out how to overcome my OCD when my so-far-from-OCD husband is now responsible for running the household while I work 12-hour night shifts and sleep during the day…AND while trying to be mom-of-the-year (I will never be mom-of-the-year…ever.) trying to make golf tournaments, soccer games, football games, class parties, taming 3-year-old EPIC tantrums, potty-training, etc…etc…etc…

Here lately our lives have been consumed with golf since my oldest son turned 7 and is now old enough to compete. Much to my husband’s delight, our son has a passion for the game and a crazy-sweet swing. Many people were surprised my boys gravitated more to golf than baseball for their first sport since my husband played at a high level and also was a junior college baseball coach for over 13 years. (Side note: he did start a junior college golf program, but didn’t necessarily consider himself a “coach” because of his little experience in sport.)

about my blog:

I decide to write a blog for several reasons. I want a diary of sorts to look back on as we continue on this journey. I also want to be a resource for golf parents. My husband and I are new to this and the information related to junior golf can be a bit confusing. My hope is to make it simple and easy to understand. I will also be posting reviews of things such as hotels and restaurants from when we travel to out-of-town tournaments. Please feel free to ask questions. If I don’t know the answer, hopefully some of my readers will or we will figure it out together. I would love feedback…if there’s anything you want me to write about, email me or comment!

I will ask that you bear with me. I’m a newbie to the blog world and will be feeling my way around as best I can with the “extra” time I have! Comments/suggestions are definitely welcome on this subject too!!

Here’s to making this blog a “hole-in-one”…come on, you knew I was going to fit that in somehow…